Physician’s Care Clinic Services

blood-takingThe need for access to primary health care in DeKalb County is dramatic. Our county ranks second in the Metro-Atlanta area for the highest concentration of residents without medical insurance, and according to the Georgia Charitable Network, 80 percent of the uninsured suffer from a chronic illness.  The Physicians’ Care Clinic was founded in 1992 to provide primary health care to this vulnerable population, and over 20 years later, it is the largest free clinic in DeKalb County.

Physicians’ Care Clinic is unique among free clinics, offering comprehensive health care services, health education and management, pharmaceuticals, and health maintenance supplies.

The clinic is located at 440 Winn Way in Decatur, near DeKalb Medical and convenient to mass transit.

It is open Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6 pm to 8:30 pm by appointment only.  Patients who participate do not have medical insurance coverage, are not eligible for Medicaid or Medicare, and have incomes below the 200th percentile of the federal poverty level, ensuring that our services are reserved for low-income residents of DeKalb County. 

Clinic services currently include:

  • Non-emergent primary care for adults
  • Diabetes education and prevention
  • Diagnostic tests including laboratory and radiology
  • Pharmaceuticals (medications)
  • Referrals to medical specialists as necessary

See more information and guidelines on patient eligibility.

“PCC means the world to me because while I was bleeding for years, my PCP continued to put a bandaid on my problem.  Once I became a patient at the PCC, I was sent to a specialist who diagnosed and fixed my problem!  Now I am doing very well.  Thank you!!”   MW

“I need to express my gratitude for the incredible gift of medical care you have given me. Your gift of care and medicine humbles me. I am grateful beyond my ability to express it! I do not take your gift lightly. Everyone in the clinic is kind, caring, genuine, amazing! It is clear that what you do is from the heart – it speaks loud and clear!! PW